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My name is Matthew Zielonka, I am the director of a British company which provides contracting and bespoke developments to organisations.

I have started this website to promote the use of reusable libraries between developers on the internet and to promote of course my own business interests.

The code which is provided is free for you to use and modify as you see fit. I would appreciate it if the code author comments and attributations were left in, however it is your code to use however you wish.

For coding assistance in general take a look at

The code is provided AS IS, so please ensure it works for you and please feed back with any issues or changes that you would recommend.

Please note however the aim of this code is NOT perfect code, but usable, easy to understand, testable code, if you find any ways to improve the code or have any suggestions, please post your "fix" and tests for it to be incorporated.

If you know of other methods you would like to be added, or have your own, please leave a message in the discussions.

The libraries are organised into segmented code which you should be able to lift out into your own projects very easily if you do not wish to reference the project assemblies.

Kind regards
Matthew Zielonka

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